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Honestly What is Motivation? - Trying to find motivation? Stop looking. Stop relying on an unnecessary emotion. Start doing. Start winning.
Fun, Fitness, Friday! - Life update + fitness update + good vibes
Friday! - Amazing Friday moods must mean blogging is mandatory, right?? (I think so.) Put a slight twist on my usual "Things I Love Friday" xx
Memorial Day - Short weeks are great, but they're also kinda stressful. Basically, this is just a little update on my life over the past week since I've been slacking on blogging on my personal site. But hey, I'm a paid blogger now! #Goals
Weekend Getaway - A lil' weekend adventure in Richmond, Virginia
Things I Love Friday! - Round 3 of the things I'm lovin' this Friday!
Dear Momma, - A letter to my Momma and all the beautiful mommas out there in celebration of Mother's Day. 🙂
Social Media Cleanse - Centering. Prioritizing. Mentally rebooting. Cleansing.
Things I Love Friday - I'm trying to keep up with this #ThingsILoveFriday thing, but I've missed a few weeks. Check out the second edition of the things I'm loving this week!
Assumptions - Don't assume, it makes an ass out of you and me. But mainly you.
Happy. Blissfully happy. - It's been a long time coming, but man, I am so happy with life right now. Long overdue, but much appreciated.
A Hangover I Don’t Deserve - Alright. I’m sitting at my desk right now on the brink of actual death and I can’t help but think back on my actions and regret the hell out of them.
Another Fitness Post - Joined a workout group. In love with workout group ALREADY. Life's good when you're exercising.
Things I Love Friday - Decided I would try to write about the things I'm loving each week, every Friday. I hope it's at least slightly interesting to read! 🙂
Workin’ on my Fitness (& Stuff) - Working out and reading poetry relax me. I can't even begin to describe how much both things have benefitted my life.
Freakin’ Poetry, Man - "If a poem hasn't ripped apart your soul: you haven't experienced poetry." -Edgar Allen Poe- Poetry makes you feel so hard, and sometimes it's overwhelming. I still absolutely love it though.
Real Question: Is My Life a Joke? LOL - My microwave fell out of the wall. (That's not a sentence I thought I would ever get to say.) It's wild.
My Experience with WordPress Support - I had my first experience with wordpress support today and it honestly could not have gone any better than it did. 🙂
More Poetry - I wrote about poetry last week, I know, but the lack of asking for more poetry stuff inspired me to write more poetry stuff. 😉
Poetry - I found a recent fascination with poetry, and I want nothing more than for everyone to understand and share my fascination.
The Future - My thoughts on the future, whether you wanted them or not. Hehe.
Protected: Personal Development - Emotions are tough and dealing with them is tough but hey, I'm trying and that's all that matters, right?
Words of Wisdom - Who needs advice on how to handle post-graduate life? Or just life in general? I know I do.
A Little About My Job - Although no one asked, I'm gonna tell you all about the ins and outs of my entry-level job!
Work Decor - Just some thoughts on the kind of decor I want to put at my desk at my brand new job.
Winter Blues - The Winter Blues are a very real thing, people! Read about how I'm handling them.
Protected: The Good and The Bad - Life sucks sometimes, but idk I guess you gotta power through? Not sure.
Valentine’s Day - Valentine's Day is a stupid holiday! There! I said it! I can't be the only one who feels this way though honestly.
Today - Honesty, I'm still working on figuring out this whole blogging thing. Bear with me please.
Girl’s Weekend - Girl's Weekends are ALWAYS needed. Don't even argue with me about it. Read about how I do my girls weekends though. 🙂

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