Writing Samples

(Fall 2017)

Select one persuasive message that you have encountered during the past two weeks to write about and divide your paper into four sections with headings for each section written in bold font and aligned to the left of the page: Nature of Persuasion, the Persuasive Message, Analysis, and Conclusion.


Practical Persuasion Manual: Identify a context of persuasion (political, organizational, instructional, or sport) and create a manual that provides people in that context insightful wisdom and tips that are grounded in persuasion theory and research.

Practical Persuation Manual

Documentary Studies:
(Fall 2017)

Documentary Analysis: Select a documentary to watch, then write a paper about how the documentary is meaningful: not just what it means, but how it constructs that meaning.

Man on Wire

Documentary Final Essay: Compare two documentaries that are about a similar topic.

Final Project

Blog Samples:
(Spring 2017)

Write a blog post about an assigned topic.

Blog #1   •   Blog #2   •   Blog #3

Website Analysis:
(Spring 2017)

Analyze two informational websites of your choice. Who is the site’s audience? What are the site’s strengths & weaknesses? Apply concepts from our course readings in your analysis and evaluation; you must apply (and cite) concepts from Redish and at least one other text we’ve read to this point. Don’t forget to include hyperlinks to both sites and a bibliography in MLA or APA format. This should be at least 1000 words long.

Below you’ll find a link to the website analysis that Anna completed analyzing Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi‘s website and IMDb‘s website.

Website Analysis

Senior Seminar Research Project:
(Spring 2017)

Choose a topic that has to do with media studies and spend the semester researching that topic. Findings will be presented to a small panel of TAMU-CC faculty as well as submitted in essay format.

Attached is the final research report and the poster that Anna used for her presentation.

Research Paper – FINAL   •   Guettler – Poster Template

Discussion Samples:
(Spring 2017)

Throughout the semester in Anna’s Writing for the Web course, she was assigned weekly discussions over various topics relating to this course. Below are a few examples of some of the writing that was done for these particular assignments.

Week 2 Discussion    Week 4 Discussion    Week 8 Discussion    Week 12 Discussion