Another Fitness Post

Alright guys, this is something that I feel passionately about, so Imma write about it. Try and stop me! (Jk don’t do that, I really hope y’all enjoy fitness stuff.) My two passions lately have been poetry and working out because they’re both outlets for my stress and emotions. Today’s focus and appreciation goes to working out, because hot damn I love working out so much. ALSO, my most recent fitness investment has me excited AF to get home after work and work out!

My recent struggle, although I have been consistently been working out 5-6 days a week, is figuring out what to do in my workouts. Making your own workouts is hard, guys! So I had kind of been trying to do my own thing, and it had been working for me so far, but I knew that sometime soon, my workouts would stop being beneficial for me because they would all be so similar to one another. I’m not a fitness guru, I don’t specialize in workouts or anything, and I have no idea how to create a variety of workouts that will tone my whole body. My past fitness came from playing tennis all the time but I don’t have that luxury anymore. The friend I would always play with got left behind when I moved away after college, and I haven’t been able to find a replacement for him here. (I also don’t even really have as much time as I did before to commit to tennis, even though I really really miss it.)

Anyways, I had been considering signing up for this workout group created by a model I follow and look up to based out of Australia named Stephanie Claire Smith. (I’ve linked to her Insta account there so you can see how much of a badass she is.) Steph and her best friend, Laura Henshaw created this fitness group called Keep It Cleaner (or KIC). This is a fitness program for ladies (or guys), and Steph and Laura provide workouts, recipes, meal planning, meditations, and motivation to those in the group! There’s a private Facebook page for those who have paid the $20/month entrance fee, and once you’re in, you have access to thousands of other girls whose fitness goals parallel yours. You can get inspiration, support, ideas, and so much more from the ladies in this group.

I had been considering joining this group for a while now, and yesterday I finally said ‘fuck it’ and took the plunge. I’m motivated. I’m trying to get fit. It’s a good price. So why not?

Guys, I can’t even explain how excited about this I am already. I did my first KIC workout yesterday, and I was dripping in sweat afterwards. It felt so satisfying! There was a combination of shadow boxing (surprisingly hard) and body weight exercises/movements. Today I’m sore, but not insanely, painfully sore–just the perfect amount of sore. I know I’ve only been doing this for one day, but I’ve honestly never been more excited about working out before in my life. I can’t wait to see where this takes me. 🙂

So there ya have it! That’s my current fitness journey! I’m so so excited to see my results in the coming weeks/months. (#summerbod)


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