My Experience with WordPress Support

Okay, so today has been a very productive day. Along with doing actual work at my actual job, I spent a lot of my time on the side working on setting up a new page on my website. It took a LONG TIME.

This morning, I decided to upgrade my website from the free version to the basic plan that averages at roughly $4 a month, but it’s a one time payment of whatever $4 x 12 is. At first, I was more interested in having the URL without the “wordpress” sponsorship in it. Now it’s just, which is GREAT; it’s so much nicer looking. In addition to that, there are no more ads which makes for a much better experience when visiting my website. The thing that I didn’t expect being so beneficial was the freaking EMAIL AND LIVE CHAT SUPPORT!

The moment I realized I could finally chat with someone for free about my desire to create an archival page for blog posts, I messaged the help people. From there I went on for a LONG WHILE trying to get exactly what I wanted to show up on my site, to show up. (Websites are a finicky thing, you know.) And oh. my. goodness. I can’t even begin to explain how helpful my support person was. I honestly would have never been able to figure all of this out on my own.

Anyways, what I spent a good chunk of today working on is a page that compiles all of my blog posts so it’s a hell of a lot easier to go back and read through older posts. (Before, you had to scroll all the way through everything.) So although this blog post is fairly uninteresting, I just wanted to rave a little bit about how helpful the WordPress staff is. 🙂 For reference, I’m attaching our chat conversation to the bottom of this blog just so you can see for yourself how difficult I was and how understanding my assistance was.
I also wanted to let you know there is now a much easier way to go back and read old blogs of mine if you felt so inclined. (I hope you do!)

So, you should definitely head over to the page I spent oh-so-much time working on today and at least admire it a little bit. 😉

xx – A

Screenshot (4)Screenshot (5)Screenshot (6)

5 thoughts on “My Experience with WordPress Support

    1. If you upgrade to the personal plan (which is what I did), you get a custom domain name (aka no “wordpress” in the URL), there’s better spam protection and social sharing options, you get email and live chat support (very helpful), access to lots more free themes, a little more customization options, more storage space for media and stuff on the site (6GB), and you get rid of all the ads on your page.
      It’s kind of a more seamless interface for both yourself and your site visitors.
      But don’t worry about being clueless–I was clueless at one point also! 🙂

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