A Little About My Job

Hey friends! Blog post #2 from my work computer. The main reason I’m even blogging right now is because I’m honestly so bored I’m going to die. Allow me to explain why.

So I started my job on Monday, and I was on the phone with one of my superiors who is based in Chicago for the majority of the day. She shared her screen with me (something you can apparently do with Skype for Business?) and I watched her work. She would walk me through what she was doing, but I couldn’t fully catch everything she was telling me because I was in a haste to take notes as she was going. Tuesday went much the same way, but I definitely understood more thoroughly. So thoroughly, in fact, that I was going to be given my own markets to work with the following morning.

Let me explain what I do to the best of my ability. So I work for a company owned by iHeart and we give radio stations weather and traffic updates to run on their stations. In exchange for that, they run advertisements on their station. See, advertisers pay us money to run their ads on our affiliates stations, and they have to fill out an affidavit each week that verifies that the ads ran in the slots they were scheduled to run in. My job is to make sure that they fill out those affidavits and help them with anything they might need help with in order to complete that task. There’s more to it, of course, but that’s the general jist of it all.

So yeah, that’s what I do guys. Except I haven’t been given a full client list yet, so I have already completed contacting everyone that I am assigned. Until they reply, I am left with little to nothing to do to pass the time, so alas, here I am blogging. Don’t get me wrong though–I love my job, my coworkers are the coolest, my boss rocks, and once I get started doing more stuff, I’m going to enjoy it greatly.

So guys, I realized yesterday that I would be DYING if I hadn’t gotten my job when I did, and I’m super appreciative of all I’ve been given recently, despite the shitty things that have also come my way in the past months.

xx – A

P.S. Again, I will be uploading photos later. I added one to my last post for anyone who’s interested.

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