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Alrighty guys, I know I’ve been pretty MIA for a while (probably close to two weeks, right?). I’M SO SORRY! I wasn’t really doing anything that warranted a blog post. (Or so I thought.) But now, I need some help!

If you read my last post, you’ll know I got a job working for iHeartMedia. It’s nothing glamorous–I’m working for a Traffic and Weather network that iHeart owns, but it’s still fun. My coworkers are really cool, my boss is as well, and my tasks primarily include talking to people (which I love). Anyways, I’m looking at my desk and comparing it to those around me and I keep noticing one thing–mine is boring!! I did some research online to see what the people of the internets could recommend for me to bring to my desk to spruce it up a little.


Here’s a list of things I’ve compiled thus far that should either 1) give my desk some personality or 2) be useful in the future:

  1. A phone charger (my phone died earlier and now I am bored to death)
  2. Organizational structural things such as file holders and a pencil jar, things of that nature
  3. Eating utensils (for when I bring a lunch or whatever)
  4. Lint roller (because, obviously lint sucks)
  5. Gum/mints
  6. Toothbrush/toothpaste
  7. Chapstick
  8. Hand wipes (I thought of this one after eating a donut yesterday)
  9. Desk decor – including, but not limited to, toys, pictures, trinkets, etc.
  10. A plant (probably faux for the sake of being easier)
  11. Pouches (for organizing things inside of the drawers to the side of my desk)
  12. A desk calendar
  13. Snacks
  14. Coffe/tea mug
  15. Water bottle

Does anyone else have anything that would be cool to add? Or could they link me to something that would be cool/cute/handy to put on my desk? (Like to order online.) I would really appreciate any help I can get! Also, feel free to utilize my desk necessity list if you yourself are looking for a compiled list of things to bring to the office that’ll make your long work day that much more bearable.

Have a great Wednesday guys!

xx – A

10 thoughts on “Work Decor

  1. Pick up a fake plant from IKEA or Marshall’s/TJMaxx, whichever is by you to add some “life” to the desk, but also won’t die if you forget to water it for a day or you’re out of the office sick. I also have photos of friends from back home (I’m living in Washington state now and I’m from PA/NJ) and that helps me smile during the day.

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    1. Ahh that’s a great idea. I actually think I’ll head to TJMaxx/Home Goods today to pick up some stuff. Photos of friends is a really good idea as well. I, too, am living away from home and find myself missing my hometown friends pretty frequently. That would definitely bring a smile to my face. 🙂 Thank you so much!

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      1. Anytime! I started here in the office in December and I’m finally just now getting the life into my desk. Ive got all the essentials for food and tea that i drink daily, but now it’s on to making it like “home”. Afterall, we spend most of our day awake at work, so why not make it something a little special?

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      2. EXACTLY! I love tea as well, but they provide it for us in my office, so I’m set in that department until I get bored of the kinds they provide. (But honestly, who can get bored of green tea??) I definitely need to give my desk a little more life and personality though. It’s painfully plain as of right now.

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      3. I see that! You’ll get there though, just like me. We have some teas here, but I like the fruity kind so I bring my own in and save it at my desk. They have Keurigs, but I’m not a big fan unless it’s apple cider or hot chocolate! I need to actually go pick up a little plant myself, I just haven’t found “the one” yet. It’s on my agenda for this weekend! I’m one of the .. youngest in the department here, and alot of other people don’t have that much “stuff” but I intend to make this as home-y as I can.


      4. Hahah yeah same, actually. I looked at Target yesterday for a fake plant but everything looked TOO fake, so I definitely will check out Home Goods. I usually find things I like there. 🙂 But I’m also the youngest here, but everyone in general is pretty young. The guy next to me has a FULLY decked out desk. (I’ll take a pic and post it to my most recent blog post today after he leaves lol.) It makes me compare mine to his and mine is absolutely plain in comparison. I want to be more comfortable here and I think decor is the absolute best way to do so!

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      5. For sure! I also keep a #bujo (Bullet Journal!) planner on my desk and fine-liner markers to use. It adds a little essence and color and it’s how I keep track of my day. Once I can get some pictures of it, I’m going to add a post about it. 🙂 Home Goods should have some awesome stationary and things to grab for those and just normal stationary if you’re looking for some of that. I’m not sure I have a Home Goods here but I have Marshalls, Ross and TJ Maxx as well as IKEA so that’s always a good place to start!

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      6. Yes! I’d love to see some pics of your desk. I’m sure that would motivate me and give me some ideas on how to spruce up my space. I’m glad you commented on my post because I’ve really enjoyed chatting with you, and I’ll definitely be looking forward to more updates on your life. It seems like you’re in a similar situation as me and that makes me feel better about being in the situation myself–knowing I’m not alone.

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      7. Definitely! I enjoyed chatting too! I’ll watch for updates and when I post my #bujo photos and desk. I’ll try and make a post about it actually here this coming weekend as long as I can get some good pics – if not it will be next week (I work from home Fridays, so I wont be here tomorrow!) If you’ve got Instagram or Twitter feel free to say hi over there! I’m not on here too too often, and mostly on there! @willowedawn on both 🙂

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