Thoughts on Apartment Decor

Okay, so here’s my attempt at blog post number 2. I was on the phone with a friend today and I was talking about how I wasn’t really sure HOW to blog, but I was going to try to figure it out. His suggestion was to just “choose something and write about it” which in my mind, is a great idea. So today I’m going to write about something that’s pretty trivial, but I can go on and on about it–apartment decorating. (I didn’t want to choose something too significant while I’m still learning how to do this whole blog thing.) So I’m going to tell you about my apartment furnishings and what I want in my apartment. I’m sorry if this isn’t exciting to read for most people, but I find it exciting.

So anyways, apartment decor. I moved into my apartment on December 30, 2017, and I’ve been living here for roughly a month. All of the furniture I have in my bedroom I brought from my room at home and basically left nothing there (which was kind of depressing). In my previous apartments I lived in with roommates, I had my own bathroom, so I had a pretty good supply of things that furnish a bathroom: shower curtain, towels, organizational things, stuff like that. I also had roughly a third of the supplies I would need to have a fully-stocked kitchen. My mom took me shopping before I moved in a provided me with plenty of other essentials, and my aunt who was remodeling her kitchen gave me a bunch of things she didn’t want anymore. So I did pretty well in the bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom departments in regards to furnishing and supplying those areas.

My apartment decorating issues primarily lie in the dining and kitchen areas. I didn’t have a couch or a dining table or any other basic living/dining room furniture when I moved in. I lucked out and my apartment actually has a bar in it with shelves and lots of storage, so that has tied me over for a while. (I definitely needed somewhere to store things until I could get a bookcase.) As far as a couch, my mom actually gave me the one from my house because she wanted to get a new one and wasn’t a huge fan of this one to begin with. (I love it though.) I’m missing a coffee table though, and I am currently using a chair from my new dining table (to be explained shortly) as somewhere to set my wine glass. I’ve been looking for a coffee table for quite some time, but I am a very picky decorator and have yet to find something that I am absolutely in love with that doesn’t cost a fortune. I’ve been diligently looking though.

So as far as my dining table, I actually JUST got one today. I spent a long time looking for a reasonably priced one in good condition from Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, and Craigslist. Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist were pretty unsuccessful for me, and then were I to find something I liked on there, I would be faced with the dilemma of actually getting the furniture to my apartment seeing as I don’t have a truck. I’m also fairly certain I wouldn’t be able to haul a table up a flight of stairs on my own, so those routes seemed too complicated. I settled on looking through Amazon options and scouring through product reviews until I was finally satisfied with a table. I chose a metal table with a glass top and 4 chairs for $150. The reviews were really positive and the product received 4.5 out of 5 stars which I thought was pretty impressive. Also, it was roughly the same price as the used ones I was looking at, so I was really satisfied with my choice. I was kind of worried that the set would arrive at the front office of my complex and that I would have to deal with hauling it to my apartment on my own, but turns out, it was delivered right to my door. All I had to do was assemble it, which was fairly simple.

So anyways, I finally have somewhere to eat dinner besides the couch, and what I’m hoping to get next is a bookcase to go in the same area as my dining table. I want to be able to use that table as a desk area, so I would keep my desk supplies on the bookcase along with a printer and maybe a plant and some other decor. I also need more wall art because my walls are shamefully bare, but I’m really picky with that stuff also. I like to make sure that whatever I get is absolutely perfect (and within my budget).

So yeah. There you have it–that’s a little bit about my apartment and my decor hunt. If you read all of this, I appreciate it. If not, it’s totally okay. Thanks for visiting my webpage.

xx -A

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